ASTEQRA  factory (Al Juhid) for Sheet Metal Fabrication with Modern Machines

Assembly for Prisma Plus Type Tested Panel Schneider France


Assembly for Universal Enclosures Schneider France

Assembly for Gulf Metal Craft Enclosures U.A.E




Make the most of their energy





    ASTEQRA FACTORY AL-JUHID SWITCHGEAR ENCLOSURE FOR ALL APPLICATIONS   ■   We offer custom sizes and modified enclosures with very short lead times ■   Let us save you time and expense, order your enclosures ready to install ■   We can fit your enclosures with holes, cut-out, silk-screening etc  ■   In stock and ready to ship

COMPLETE POWER SOLUTIONS  • LV Switchgear • Motor Control Center • Relay & Control Panel • Power Factor Correction Panel • Row Type Distribution Panel  • Distribution Board & Feeder Pillar  • Sheet Steel & Aluminum Enclosure • Stainless Steel & Polyester Enclosure  • MV Switchgear & Package Substation



Since 1995 as a result of long time experience AL-Asteqraa Co. Ltd has put together a team of highly skilled and dedicated experts to meet all kinds of customer's requirements

Asteqraa has also entered into technical collaboration with several leading manufactures around the world to provide complete technical support for various product marketed by estikraa , with its main objective being the production of high quality factory built assemblies at competitive prices without compromising quality

We also have technical associations with numerous European companies to provide flame proof and explosion proof electrical switchgear for the Oil & Gas Industry.



Our flexible and comprehensive assembly can be tailored to meet any customer requirement from part assembly to complete finish assembly and then packaged for delivery to the end user.

A typical list of products we handle include: Consumer Units, Distribution Panels , Busbar Assemblies , MCCs , Feeder Pillars , and an assorted range of Cabinet Enclosures of various sizes in line with market requirements.  






Quality insurance procedures are in place to help insure our products are manufacture to highest quality standard. As industry, we at Asteqra along with our partners strive to achieve the highest standard of the quality in our work. Our fundamental strategy is to create a close and friendly working relationship with our customers to produce a superior quality product, whilst a fully appreciating and adhering to the customer specifications.  




Our prime consideration is customer focus and to this effect, we offer personalized technical solutions optimized to suit the individual needs coupled with responsive after –sales  



One of our achèvements is Diyala Distribution Electricity projet of pole mounted protection panel for transformer IP 55, more than 2000 enclosures are supplied  through Asteqra.

We have an experienced and dedicated team of qualified engineers and techniciens fully confident in executing electrical power projets in a Professional and systematic manner whilst meeting the stringent work specifications and time Schedule of Our clients.  






One of Asteqra achievement in the field of medium voltage is the SGC project of 40 House in al-Basrah city 33-11 KVA 

1- 33-11KVA SWG is Schneider Electric France. 2- L.V SWG is prisma plus type tested panel Schneider Electric France  3- Power Transformer is Italy Brand.




OCREV-ITALY Power Transformer


2MVA,33/0.4KV,Dyn11,ONAN/ONAF Cooling Oil Immersed Power Transformer with all the  Requested protection:

Air-Breather with silica-gel container, Bughlos relay , High Temp , High pressure ,Oil Low Level


Al-juhid factory is well equipped with new machines (NOVOPRESS GERMAN MACHINES) and switchgear panel assembly facilities.

Having the full range of manufacturing facilities under one roof enables us to ensure better quality. Bus Bar Fabrication 

Busbar center SLB 125 the unique Novopress 3 in 1 Busbar Center ,SLB125   HSBL-2 Cutting Tools High safety standards and excellent cutting quality, the HSBL-2 cutting tools.   HSLB -2  HSBL-2 Punching Tools Effortless busbar punchin on site and in the work shop

HSBL-2 DigiPunch 160 high precision busbar punching with digital X/Y- measuring system



Bending Bench BGD-5eco Unsurpassed bending features, economically priced. The BGD-5eco with automatic spring back compensation.




Here under Some of Projects through Asteqra Factory  1- Railway station Baghdad  33-11 KVA  2- AL-Zubair project 11KVA Basrah  3- AL-Basrah Court project Ministry of Justice 11-0.4 KVA 4- AL-Karkh Court project Ministry of Justice 11-0.4 KVA  5- AL-Rasafah Court project Ministry of Justice 11-0.4 KVA 6- AL-Basrah project 11-33 KVA South Gas Company  7- AL-Najebyah project 11-33 KVA  8- AL-Shoaiba project 11-33 KVA 9- Pole mounted protection panel IP55 for transformer Dyalah Distribution electricity



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