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• LV Switchgear
• Motor Control Center
• Relay & Control Panel
• Power Factor Correction Panel
• Row Type Distribution Panel 
• Distribution Board & Feeder Pillar 
• Sheet Steel & Aluminum Enclosure
• Stainless Steel & Polyester Enclosure 
• MV Switchgear & Package Substation


ASTEQRA  Co. for  general  trading is  IRAQIAN  company located in Baghdad and Dubai , and has two branches and more than five show rooms in IRAQ and Our main business activities are trading and distribution of high quality EUROPE made products, equipment, systems, plants, materials, spare parts …etc. as well as providing projects engineering solutions, logistics services, installation and start-up services to our customers ,we are working mainly in the range sectors of:
LV & MV Field and partnership with:


Schneider Electric - official distributor & panel builder for prisma plus in Iraq

Ducati Energia Italian Company - Exclusive Agent in Iraq

Gulf metal craft Dubai for investment in Dubai - Exclusive Agent in Iraq

IMEFY For power and distribution transformer Exclusive Agent in Iraq


Al-Asteqra is one of the leading stockiest and distributors in the field engineering products. Since its inspection 1995 Estikraa has been focused on delivering superior quality and reliable products, contributing its bit to the development of this nation 
The undiluted commitment to quality, reliability, and cost effectiveness with total dedication and uncompromising of its staff for customers service has made Asteqra 
the most trusted name in the Iraq We have built our relationships with the international manufacturing who are renowned for providing state of the art technology –partnership with Schneider Electric.

We continue bringing brand leaders to the market. Our sales outlet all over Iraq with an optimum stock availability and reasonable prices makes it very convenient for servicing a wide range of our customers requirement to their most satisfaction .more than 50 employees ensure that these services are delivered with one mission customers delight Our Switchgear Assembly division got its switchboard type tested Prisma Plus Schneider Electric. All these and much more to ensure that every time you shop at Asteqra you do so with Trust.

We are working always to make the impossible possible, all our marketed products meet the highest standards for quality, reliability & Safety and committed to the growth of long term relationship with our customers and clients providing constant improvement and development by highest level of
Professionals and services on time, thanks to these capabilities that lead to successfully carried out many large projects. Our services also focused also on staff training on installations, maintenance and start-up according to projects evaluations and needs.

We also are helping our clients in finding a low cost shipping solution to their projects final destinations. 
We pride ourselves on our high level of friendly customer service focusing our ability on efficient & speedy services to the satisfaction of every customer’s needs.

ASTEQRA Co. Project Management is an excellent choice for companies or organizations needing either specialized procurement services and or direct project since 2000, 
Asteqra have always been anxious to remain very close to its customers. 
The constant innovation in our designs, improvements in our logistics process and the continuous expansion of our world distribution network demonstrate this fact.

We are specialists in the design, production and marketing of enclosure systems which ease the implementation of your installations and protect them under any environmental conditions.
Our products adapt perfectly to each and every one of the necessities of the industrial, tertiary and domestic sectors
Our values  over the years, Asteqra has developed the values that bring it closer to its customers:

•Wide range of enclosures available near you.
•Easily adaptable, flexible universal solutions.
•Enclosures designed to simplify and carry out your installations.
•Reactivity and maximum cooperation

Asteqra "Always close to you"
In this way, we can always be close to your applications, whether they are for electrical distribution, industrial control and automatism or voice and data networks, in the industrial, infrastructure, tertiary or residential markets.
The communication link with our customers is established by means of our extensive sales network, which offers you highly-qualified, professional personal treatment, satisfying all your needs and keeping you constantly informed of our products and services


Here under some of the important projects which are implemented through Asteqra in Iraq?

1- Railway station Baghdad  33-11 KVA 
2- AL-Zubair project 11KVA Basrah 
3- AL-Basrah Court project Ministry of Justice 11-0.4 KVA
4- AL-Karkh Court project Ministry of Justice 11-0.4 KVA 
5- AL-Rasafah Court project Ministry of Justice 11-0.4 KVA
6- AL-Basrah project 11-33 KVA South Gas Company 
7- AL-Najebyah project 11-33 KVA 
8- AL-Shoaiba project 11-33 KVA


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