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Since 1973, when IMEFY began manufacturing oil-filled and silicone insulated distribution transformers, followed a bit later by cast-resin insulated distribution transformers, our
Company has continuously grown up to power ratings of 100 MVA and voltage ratings up to 245 kV. To undertake this expansion, IMEFY has the most sophisticated engineering and
Manufacturing resources available, as well as a highly qualified team. In this way we could grow both at national and international level, and our products are installed in all five continents. Moreover, IMEFY collaborates actively in several national and international working groups where the standards for this type of equipment are developed.
 IMEFY’s raw-material and final product laboratories are equipped with the latest and best technology in order to carry out the most severe checks and tests requested by national and international standards for equipment used to manufacture transformers. Due to the high qualification of its personnel and the high accuracy level of the equipment – all endorsed by the calibration certificates issued by official laboratories – the high-quality and reliable IMEFY test laboratories have been appraised by our customers for years. 
Germany, Saudi-Arabia, Algeria, Argentina, Brazil, Cameroon, Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia, Denmark, Ecuador, Egypt, Philippines, France, Greece, Netherlands, Hungary, Italy, Lebanon, Malaysia, Morocco, Peru, Portugal, United Kingdom, Rumania, Singapore, South
Africa, Sweden, Taiwan, Tunis, United Arab Emirates, Uruguay, Venezuela.




IMEFY, S.L. was founded in Los Yébenes (Toledo Spain) in 1.973 as manufacturer of dielectric liquids distribution transformers (mineral oil or silicone), followed a bit later by cast resin distribution transformers, being pioneer in Spain in the wake of its implantation in the year 1982
From its beginnings till now, IMEFY, has followed a path of expansion, with a total area of 86.000m2 and a covered plant of 20.000 m2, as follow:
- Cut and ensable of cores ..................................................... 3.000 m2
- Cast resin transformers ....................................................... 6.000 m2
- Oil and silicone transformers ............................................... 9.000 m2
- Laboratories ......................................................................... 1.500 m2
- Technical and Commercial Departments ................................ 500 m2


The company is placed in Los Yébenes, Toledo, whose address is as follows:


Pol. Ind. La Cañada C/ Siglo XXI, s/n
E-45470 LOS YÉBENES (Toledo) - Spain
Tfno.: +34 925 32 03 00
Fax: +34 925 32 10 00


IMEFY is one of the companies’ leaders in Spanish market, manufacturing always according to national and international standards, and using the best raw materials
In 1992 and 1993, IMEFY had been guaranteed with UNESA quality (Certificate of the Spanish Electrical Power) and recently has obtained the certificate of REGISTRO DE EMPRESA according to ISO 9002
Following the requirements about Quality Assurance of International and National Markets, IMEFY obtained (February, 1998) the Certificate of Registered Company for the Standard from the EN-ISO-9001and EN-ISO 14001 that means to place our Company in the vanguard of Quality Assurance Systems, both in design and manufacturing process
All of these certificates have been obtained thanks to the ideas and efforts of the enterprise like IMEFY, which have cooperated with standards working groups


IMEFY is present in the following working groups:
WG 14/SC05: Power transformers
WG 027, AENOR: Standard for the Obtention Quality Certificate for transformers
WG 14/SC05:WG 11: Tank preassurized for integral filling transformers
WG for ceramic bushing for distribution transformers
WG for fluids in electro technical  applications.




All our immersed on dielectric liquids transformers are manufactured according to the most demanding National and International standards
Nowadays IMEFY has been pioneer in new systems for the transformer technology development. In this way IMEFY was the first manufacturer that developed and carried out a stress test procedure of elastic tank, which means that IMEFY has been pointed out as Spanish agent for CENELEC, for the International Standards development for this type of test
IMEFY has got all the machinery and testing equipments of latest technology for transformer manufacture that five way, with the introduced quality system, that the IMEFY's products have a maximum high Safety, Reliability and Quality degree
Mineral oil distribution transformers according to CENELEC HD 428 and IEC76-
Pole mounted transformers according to CENELEC HD 428 and IEC 76
Distribution transformers according to CENELEC HD 428 and IEC 76
Low losses transformers.
IMEFY´s transformers are manufactured according to IEC 76 standard. If you wish transformers accordind to another satnadards (ANSI, BSI, IEEE, NEMA, etc.), let us know
IMEFY manufactures power transformers which the following characteristics
-Rated power: From 2.5 MVA up to 60 MVA
-Rated primary voltage: From 12 kV up to 132 kV
-Rated secondary voltage: From 0.4 kV up to 132 kV
-Frecuency: 50 Hz or 60 Hz
-Tap changer: It is possible to realise no load no voltage with seven positions maximum. It is
possible to realise on charge with seventeen positions maximum and automatic tap changer
-Vector groups: On pimary and secondary windings it is possible to realise in delta or star
-Cooling: Transformers are manufactured with the following cooling type
-Natural cooling (ONAN) or force cooling (ONAF). If you want OF cooling (oil pumping)
please let us know
-Type of tank: Transformers can be manufactured with the radiators welded to the tank, or
with detachable radiators. Radiators can be finished with a conventional finishing or hot
galvanized finishing. Final painting is realised with two epoxi imprimators caps and another
epoxi final cap. The final treatment guaranties outdoor transformer instalation at the hardest
environment. IMEFY normaliced finishing colour is the RAL 7033


This type of transformers have the following standard accessories:


Buchholz relay-
-Overpressure device
-Antivibrating dial termometer
-Jacking support
90° -orientable wheels
-Magnetic level
-Overpressure valve




IMEFY´s cast resin transformers are according to the highest specifications enviromental, climatic and fire of the interational standards CENELEC HD 464 and IEC 726
These transformers are called C2 , E2, F1 and their thermal class is F (155°)
The tests for the qualifications of these specifications were carried out at the CESI laboratories in Italy
The main characteristics of the specifications are:
-Climatic class "C2": Equipment that can work with environmental temperature up to -25°
-Environmental class "E2": Equipments ready to work in environmental humidity up to 95 percent and with high pollution
-Fire behaviour class "F1": Self-extinguishable transformers in a short period of time starting from the disconnection of the transformer and without production of opaque smoke and halogen-free 
We must say that these transformers are designed, manufactured and tested under the current national and international standards. All this is corroborated by a Quality System according to ISO 9001 standard
The whole manufacture system of IMEFY is warranted by the ISO 14001 certificate, so it is known all the environmental legislation that affects to this product, and then we can assure that the cast resin transformers are ECOLOGICAL
Cast-resin distribution transformers according to IEC 726, CENELEC HD 538 and IEC 76, CENELEC HD 464






The electrical test laboratory is equipped to perform the tests and check the results in accordance with the applicable standards, IEC 60076 1


Routine tests:
. -Measurement of winding resistance
. -Measurement of voltage ratio and check of phase displacement
. -Measurement of short-circuit impedance and load loss
. -Measurement of no-load loss and current at 100% and 110% of rated voltage
. -Dielectric routine tests ( IEC 60076 3)
. Separate source AC withstand voltage test--
. Inducted AC withstand voltage test-
. Check of the ratio and polarity of built-in current transformers-


Type tests:
. Temperature rise test ( IEC 60076 2)-
 Dielectric type tests ( IEC 60076) -
. Lightning Impulse test-
. Chopped Impulse test-
. Switched Impulse test-
. (Determination of sound level ( IEC 60076 10-


Special tests:
. Measurement of zero-sequence impedance-
-Measurement of d.c. insulation resistance each winding to earth and between windings.




The electrical test laboratory is equipped to perform the tests and check the results in accordance with the applicable standards, IEC 60076 1


Routine tests:
. Measurement of winding resistance-
. Measurement of voltage ratio and check of phase displacement-
. Measurement of short-circuit impedance and load loss-
. Measurement of no-load loss and current at 100% and 110% of rated voltage-
. Dielectric routine tests ( IEC 60076 3) -
. -Separate source AC withstand voltage test
. -Inducted AC withstand voltage test with partial discharge measurement where it´s required
. -Impulse Lightning test if Um> 72,5 kV
. -Test on on-load tap-changers, where appropriate
. -Check of the ratio and polarity of built-in current transformers
. -Check of core and frame insulation where appropriate
. -Functional test of the transformers accessories


Type tests:
. Temperature rise test ( IEC 60076 2)-
.( Dielectric type or special tests ( IEC 60076 3-
. Lightning Impulse test-
. Chopped Impulse test-
. Switched Impulse test-
. Long Duration Inducted AC withstand voltage test with partial discharge measurement-
. ( Determination of sound level ( IEC 60076 10-
. Measurement of the power taken by the fans and liquid pump motors where appropriate-


Special tests:
. Determination of capacitances windings-to-earth, and between windings-
. Measurement of dissipation factor ( tang δ) of the insulation system capacitances-
. Measurement of zero-sequence impedance-
. Measurement of d.c. Insulation resistance each winding to earth and between windings-
.(Measurement of frequency response analysis ( FR -
.( Recovery voltage measurement test ( RVM- 
. -Measurement of no load current harmonics


Any other test, if it´s appropriate, could be defined and agreed between the customer and IMEFY
The raw material laboratory is highly equipped for the following tests:


1. Magnetic Sheet: To EN 10107


2. Wire and Conductors: Checking of the dielectric strength to IEC 60317 and IEC 851. Adherence and flexibility tests. Dimensional checking
3. Anticorrosion Protection: Adherence control to ISO 2409. Thickness control to ISO 2808. Strip cupping test to ISO 1520. Perxoz hardness to ISO 1522. Specular brightness to ISO 2813. Direct impact to ISO 6272. Bending to ISO 1519. Sladed fog to IEC 68-2-11
Pull off test to ISO 4624
4. Epoxidiques Elements: Whitened voltage at industrial frequency. Determination of creepage line. Thermal shock to IEC 137 and IEC 85. Epoxi resin gelification temperature test 
5. Additional test: Checking of auxiliar circuits. Dielectric strenght of solid insulation pieces to IEC 243. Components ageing. Temperature switchboards T-154 thermical programation. Material's humity testing with hygrometer.




   ISO 9001 since 1994, Nº ES-0009/1994    *     
      ISO 14001 since 1998, Nº GA/1998/0053    *
RePro Certificate nº 300056    *
    E2, C2, F1,Certificate nº AT-A1/009523. 2001*
    E3, C2, F1,Certificate Nº B0005487. 2010* 
* Homologations in spanish utilities companies: IBERDROLA, ENDESA, UNION FENOSA
* Homologations international utilities companies: EDP (Portugal), ENEL 
     (Italia), CSA (Canada), GL (Alemania), Adwea (EAU), etc
* Others: Routine, Type and Special test carried out in:  LABEIN, CESI, and    





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